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Tying a Rope Halter Correctly

Watch the video to see why we like to use the rope halter for ground work and how to tie it correctly so it can be used effectively and safely.

Step 1:

Pull the crown piece through the "bunny ear" from the horse side out.

Step 2:

Pull the crown piece back towards the tail of the horse to tighten the halter appropriately.

Step 3:

Bring the tail around behind the bunny ear to create a loop.

Step 4:

Pull the end through the loop to create the tie.

Step 5:

Pull the tail to tighten the knot.

Final Tip:

Make sure the crown piece is tied between the tip of the Bunny Ear and the "Bunny's Head".


Do not tie the crown piece above the Bunny Ear. If your horse were to pull back the knot can get so tight that the only way to remove the halter is to cut it off. Not a good position to be in.

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May the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you

and the horses you ride; from our barn to yours.