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Believe and stand Firm

Believe, and when you have done everything to remain firm in your belief, keep believing. This is what the heart of today's #CornerstoneVerseOfTheDay is saying.

Believing doesn't mean that we have it all together. It doesn't mean that we don't have doubts. It doesn't mean that life will be easy and we will have no troubles. Believing means that you continue to trust Him, rely on Him, and cling to Him. King Hezekiah is a great example.

The city of Jerusalem was surrounded by the Assyrians, the most wicked men of the day. They had conquered the northern kingdom of Israel, and they were set on conquering Judah as well. If they could destroy Jerusalem, Judah would be under Assyrian control.

The commander of the Assyrian army made a proclamation against Jerusalem, King Hezekiah, and the Lord. You can read the proclamation in 2 Kings 18:19-25. His response is amazing and it is how we should all respond to the threats of this world. Hezekiah immediately ripped his robes and put on sackcloth and ashes, a sign of deep distress. He called on the prophet Isaiah, who gave Hezekiah hope. Isaiah had a message from the Lord that since the Assyrians came against, not just His people, but Him as well he would take care of this enemy.

Hezekiah then received a written message from the Assyrians. When he received it, he opened it, read it, rolled it back up and ran immediately to the temple where he laid it out before the Lord and prayed: "Do you see what they are saying about you? What are you going to do?" Hezekiah took his problem to the Lord, laid it before Him, then got up and went to prepare to face the enemy in the name of the Lord.

As the Israelites went to meet the army the next morning all they found was a quiet camp; not a camp of enemy soldiers ready to battle for victory. The Lord had struck down the entire army of the enemy in the night and Jerusalem never had any trouble with the Assyrians again after that.

Hezekiah and Israel were all struck with fear of what would happen because they knew what the Assyrians were capable of, it is fair to say that their faith was rocked, but they still acted as they believed the Lord. They turned to the Lord for help, and then they prepared to do what they knew they needed to do to face their enemy. They stood, and then after all they did, they continued to stand. This is what belief looks like.

Just like I asked my young mare to step out even when everyone else was running away and she continued forward, so are we to do the same in this world. Because I asked her to step forward when the lead horses were turning and running didn't mean she wasn't afraid, worried, or confused, but her belief in me was greater. I was prepared for her to do a 180 and bolt back with the other horses, but I kept looking forward to where we were going. That is what the Lord does, He knows the path a head, He has already been there. We need to follow His leading in our life in the same way my mare followed mine.

Put on your belt of truth, your breastplate of righteousness, your feet covered with the gospel of peace, take up your shield of faith, put the helmet of salvation on your head, equip yourself with the sword of the Spirit. Once you have done that pray. Pray for guidance, for deliverance, and for wisdom. Then go out and face the day in your armor and stand firm in the Lord.

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