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Get Out of the Round Pen!

I recently heard a quote:

"A coach is someone who makes a man do what he does not want to do, in order to become the man he desires to be." Dr. David Jeremiah

Now, Dr. Jeremiah borrowed it from a football coach to use to apply to discipleship training. I immediately took it to apply to horsemanship. All three applications are appropriate.

Today's #CornerstoneVerseOfTheDay fits with that perfectly. You see, the horse no more wants to be transformed into a willing riding partner any more than we desire to be made into the image of Jesus; in our carnal state anyway. Which is why we need coaches. A spiritual coach is the most important. If you don't have one, you need to find one.

Many of us go about in life in the round pen. The round pen is designed for young and green horses to learn to get their feet underneath of them. It can be a useful tool for a young horse to be ridden for the first time as there are no corners to get caught up in to become a barrier. As soon as they can carry their rider it is time for them to get out of the round pen to learn about real life work.

The same is for us. We are only given as much understanding as we can handle at a given time by our good Father in Heaven. He knows what we need, when we need it, not too much, and not too little at any given time. Just like a good horseman will work with a horse to help them understand from the very beginning. A good horseman knows what the horse needs, starts at the very beginning and has the wisdom to know how much the horse needs, if they have given them too much, or when they are ready for more. Never damaging the horse, but always helping them in the next step in life.

Yet at the same time, the Lord knows when we need to get out of the round pen. And just like some young horses, who have found comfort in the round pen don't want to leave it, I see many Christians who don't want to leave their spiritual round pen either. They want to live their comfortable lives and never be challenged, stretched, or have to suffer growing pains; which I can attest, spiritual growth can be very painful.

Do not let that though make you set back any harder than you already are if the Lord is asking you to step out of your round pen. As painful as spiritual growth can be, it can't come close to comparing to the glories we will receive in Heaven (Romans 8:18).

Look at the horse, that young yearling has no idea that in a year or two's time will be wearing a saddle and having to carry a man on their back. Fast forward another 2-3 years and that young horse is now a fine riding mount able to take on more than it ever though it could. In the beginning some of the simplest things can startle them, but through the diligence of the horseman, they help that horse overcome those fears and that horse can then face many things with little resistance.

The Lord does the same for us, He little by little helps us through our fears and teaches us how to live in and respond to this world. But we must be willing. Be willing to let the Lord push you, drive you, grow you, and teach you to trust Him fully. Let Him lead you out of the round pen to become His Top Hand.


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