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More on Holiness

Yesterday's #CornerstoneVerseOfTheDay was about being holy, for the Lord is holy. I want to expound on that a bit more. As mentioned yesterday, to be holy means to be set apart. Have you ever thought about the fact that you make your horse holy with good horsemanship?

Think about it this way: When you spend the time, energy, and put in the effort to hone your skills it pays off in the end. A good horseman will always stand out from the crowd, they will be set apart from the others, they will be like the holiness of God. Their horses as well will be set apart from the others because of their discipline and behavior.

Have a horse that remains calm under pressure? That's because the horseman has made the effort to help that horse persevere under pressure. Have a horse that looks like it's just an extension of the rider? That's because the horseman has put in the work to become one with the horse. Have a horse that is engaged with it's rider, in the saddle and on the ground? That's because the horseman has dedicated the time to build that horse's trust to follow them anywhere. If you want a horse like this you have to be willing to put in the time to get them there.

The same is for our life. Ever seen someone who remains calm under pressure? It's because they know that the Lord is omnipotent, all powerful, always in control, and always on His throne. Ever seen someone who has the patience of Job and the love of Jesus? It's because they walk daily with the Lord and submit to Him and in doing that becomes more and more like Jesus and seem like they are an extension of God. All of this comes from someone who sets aside time to spend with the Lord daily by reading His word, in devoted prayer to Him, and meditates on His precepts day and night. This is what a devoted Christ follower does.

Just like the horseman devotes their time to their horse, so the committed Christ follower devotes their mind, body, and soul to the Lord. This is what makes you holy as the Lord is holy. The closer you are to the Lord, the further you are from the world. Now go, and do likewise.

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